Business Focus and Start-up Failure

Weak business competency is a problem in business. Auren Hoffman has a good solution to that in his post on Quora. If his view was more common, you might see more long-term businesses.


Sales Reality vs. Fantasy

Real-world selling. Yes, it is true you can apply sales techniques that closes a deal. It is also true that consistently applying those techniques can raise revenue if you commit yourself to those techniques. Real-world selling is different.

Looking good, being smart, communicating well, exercising great customer service are all proper things in a sales situation. You can do all the right things by the book and get just one thing wrong that will quietly destroy a sale. In fact, if this one thing is missing, you may have a respected reputation in terms of process execution, but the sales numbers will not match how hard you worked.

The one thing you must have in a sales situation is trust. You may not be able to immediately see that a customer does not trust you, but if they don’t trust you, even if it is the smallest, little doubt about something you said or your mannerisms, you will not get the sale. Without true faith in what you say or what you are all about from the customer, you will fail in the larger sales enterprise.Read More »

Sales Foundation

The biggest misconception about sales is it is a moneymaking enterprise. It is not. The true sales process is a consultation activity. The chief goal is to solve someone’s problem through analysis by identifying a solution that addresses that problem. That is the complete focus of sales.

Anyone can do sales. Advanced sales processes do exist. No matter how simple or advanced the process, there are 3 things that must always be remembered:

Step 1 – Identify the problem in the situation.
Step 2 – Determine the specific thing or things that will solve that problem.
Step 3 – Present the solution.Read More »

India’s Open Source Policy is Good for Business

Mark Bohannon from Red Hat describes India’s open source policy. It is a good model that can increase the overall economic pie. More teams of small entrepreneurs can be involved in government contracting which can help with gross domestic product. This model can have a greater compounding effect in terms of spurring skills development and the growth of industry. Use of open source, contributions back into open source, and people’s ability to engage with it in a more dynamic way work to boost the productive profile of those involved.

Robert Frist’s Compassionate Leadership

Eleanor Kennedy describes Robert Frist’s gift to employees that shows a great example of altruism. Many business leaders today have an opportunity to openly influence a different society. A place where more people are living healthy lives and fostering stronger communities. It is hard work so the rosy aspirations must be put in balance with reality. That is where leadership comes in. What can be done to improve the situation in the world today? Examples such as Robert Frist’s is a good opportunity to reflect on actions that can go far to benefit the lives of more people.